The interior concept of Sarissa combines the feel of a New York-style apartment with the romanticism of sailing. Clean and crisp furniture styling is used in conjuncture with natural woods and a simple palette to create a very modern and clean look whilst maintaining warmth and character. Crisp detailing is achieved through the use of fine edges and beautiful craftmanship.

Chamfers are used to maintain the strength of the design whilst creating thin surfaces that give a crisp and modern look to the furniture. This detailing theme extends from the main furniture,
to the bulkheads, through to the door handles and light switches. The sharp detailing contrasts with hidden softness found in the wooden insets of the handrail and door handles.


Upper Saloon

Upper / Lower Saloon

Aft Accommodation






Inside, the elegance of Sarissa's exterior melts into the casual cool style of a relaxed beach house offering neutral hues bathed in natural light and boasts a welcoming, family feel. 

The laid back ethos extends to the layout too. An open plan design joins the galley with the saloon and eventually up to the upper saloon. 


Master Cabin

Master Cabin

Master Cabin




Five cabins sleep 10 guests which includes a truly playful children's cabin attached to a nanny's cabin via a shared bathroom. Try out the fibre-optic ceiling where, at a flick of a switch see the northern, or southern hemisphere stars appear. The master cabin is light and airy and offers views into the swimming pool, another playful design element.


  • 1 Master
  • 1 VIP
  • 1 Double
  • 1 Kids' Triple
  • 1 Single

VIP Cabin

Kids' Cabin